Happy or Not Fuels Europe’s Customer Festival Feedback

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As you may, or may not, be aware, Total Customer attended this year's Europe's Customer Festival at the Business Design Centre London. While there, gathering some top-notch coverage for you to enjoy, we noticed that the happiness measurement system Happy or Not was being used to gauge attendees thoughts.

Having previously written about Happy or Not and their simple, yet effective, way to gauge consumer feedback, we attained the feedback form from the event and dissected it for you to see.

Going on their Happy or Not scale of four smiley faces, this year's Europe's Customer Festival had a wonderful 53 per cent ‘Very Happy' response rate, with only 5 per cent of people being ‘Very Unhappy' – which is pretty good margins by our count.

People also absolutely loved the keynote sessions of Mary Portas, Aimia's Jan-Pieter Lips, Harper Reed and Ebay's Eben Sermon, giving them an overwhelming 89 per cent of ‘Very Happy'.

The Happy or Not machines were located by the keynote session exits, and around the show floor so people could judge the event itself too.

Thanks to their really simple system, response numbers came in thick and fast, and it meant that feedback was given near instantly. It's certainly a tool that gives you near-instant customer feedback. And it also doesn't give your customers a task to figure out what means what, nor needs them to do more than go with a gut reaction.

All in all, I'm sure the folks behind Europe's Customer Festival are feeling pretty pleased with themselves.


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