You’re Using The 5 Most Important Seconds You’ll Ever Have Wrong

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Trying to capture someone's attention is a very hard task, especially when you're trying to sell something to them in the process. And this task is made even harder in the online space where there's a raft of distractions to be had. You're going up against social media, funny clips, amusing blogs etc., people tend to look at more than one site at a time, with the younger demographic having more open than older audiences.

So, why do so many advertisers, marketers and companies fail to capitalise upon one of the key focus points of their internet marketing strategies? The video ad.

YouTube pulls in a gargantuan audience of 1 billion unique visitors a month, who watch over 6 billion hours of video. It reaches more adults between the ages of 18-34 in the US than any cable network does, and it's only ever growing bigger and bigger each month. So why are so few people advertising on it properly?

As I'm sure we're all familiar with here, YouTube videos – especially popular monetised ones – have 30 second adverts at the start. Some are annoyingly unskippable, something that's only going to make a viewer loathe your product – so don't do that – but the vast majority let you jump past it after the first five seconds.

It's here that these adverts fall down. Who isn't going to click "Skip this Ad?" Who isn't already watching the countdown timer so they can click instead of sit and watch the advert?

If you can genuinely say that you've never clicked the option to skip past an advert, then you're just not human. These things get in the way.

So what can be done about it?

Make those five seconds count.

The only adverts that I've ever sat and watched on YouTube, without being forced to sit through it, tend to be the Google adverts, or the adverts that hook you in from the start. The Cadbury's, the Skittles, the whimsy and amusing videos that make you want to know more.

Obviously it's hard to know your target market on YouTube, after all, you just create an advert and put it up and then Google and YouTube decide who sees it and when. But that's never stopping you from making a powerful introduction or just a breezy five second video.

Take a leaf out of Vine's book (excuse the unintended pun there) and create videos that are snappy, funny and memorable.

There are already hundreds of Facebook groups, Twitter accounts and Tumblrs dedicated to sharing hilarious or smart Vine videos – could you imagine if they were sharing your advert everywhere?

And as a platform, Vine is a sea of untapped potential as 5 Vines are put up every second, with more being shared than any Instagram image is. And seeing as it only launched in January of this year, that's some impressive figures for its over 13 million user base.

Of course, adverts aren't properly utilised on Vine and so few examples actually exist. It's a key place to not only leverage usage, but to really create some interesting content that then feeds smoothly into your YouTube ad campaigns. Just putting up a standard TV advert but on YouTube won't help you reach out at all.

It's also worth noting that you'll get that viral outreach far easier if it's something shorter and snappier.

You may already know all of these points, but ask yourself, why aren't you doing it already?

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