What Can Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts Do for Apple?

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Today it was announced that Apple has hired Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts as its Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores.

This means she'll be responsible for the "strategic direction, expansion and operation" of Apple's online and retail stores from next Spring.

But what can she bring to the table for Apple from her time at Burberry?

Well, while it would make sense that talk around the possible iWatch has heated up again due to a fashion CEO joining the company, her new role suggests that this is just another rumour hitting the web with little to no proof.

However, Ahrendts qualifications on running a successful retail brand mean that there could be exciting times ahead for Apple's retail strategy.

For years Burberry has won the hearts and minds of designers, marketers and customers thanks for their daring and forward-thinking strategy to bring the online into stores.

Burberry also forged ahead with its digital strategy thanks to Facebook and Twitter to expand its reach online.

Apple's current approach to online has been rather reserved and somewhat cagey, with online stores being an ever fussy and cumbersome experience – despite its attempts to streamline it into something sleek and simple.

While compared to many other retail stores out there, Apple stores are doing well in terms of design, it's a pain to buy anything seriously meaty there if it's not an iPod, iPad or an iPhone. They certainly aren't very interactive stores beyond the rows of computers set up and the waves of on-floor staff floating around.

Adopting Burberry's flagship Regent Street store's ideas of true omni-channel integration and helpful customer service could really do Apple a real benefit.

Perhaps this is why Apple want Ahrendts so eagerly.


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