Activision Releases Ingenious Call of Duty: Ghosts TV Adverts

In Customer Engagement, Featured on App, Featured Videos, Marketing and Sales by Vaughn Highfield

Video games are big business, not only are most big-budget, big-release games raking in more money than any other entertainment medium in the world, but they’re also reaching larger audiences in the process.

Just last month Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V made $800 million in its first 24 hours on sale, breaking the $1bn mark in just five days.

If that’s not a success, then what is?

It’s also not a surprise that these video games also come with some of the best marketing on the planet, and Activsion’s upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts has seemingly hit the nail on the head with its UK advertising campaign celebrating the impending arrival of the new title.

It’s a set of short adverts (shown below) and one long one (shown above) that really hit home the moments that players absolutely love about the series and regale with passion to their friends and family. The casual settings do something to show just how commonplace video games and video game culture really is in the world, and it’s also a subtle nod to all the ludicrous controversy around video games influencing people’s behaviour.

Let us know which advert you think is the best.

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