Tesco Revamps Multi-buy Offers To Help Consumers Cut Down On Waste.

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Tesco has revealed for the first time just how much food it throws away as it embarks on a campaign to reduce food waste and educate customers how they too can save food and save money.

In the first six months of 2013, Tesco admits that it has chucked out 28,500 tons of food – not all of which is off, just passed its legal sell by date.

It also seems that Tesco's findings show that families are wasting around £700 a year on food – something it wants to help resolve.

Its first venture is to end multi-buys on certain products, such as large bags of salad. Here Tesco found that over two thirds of produce grown for bagged salad is actually thrown out. Now it proposes to offer a mix-and-match-style promotion on smaller bags to help reduce the amount of waste.

Tesco's findings also showed that 40 per cent of apples are thrown out, along with just under half of all baked goods from their bakeries. One quarter of grapes are also wasted and a fifth of all bananas going unused.

To combat this, its taking away ‘display until' dates from its fresh fruit and vegetables to encourage purchases, while rearranging bread and tidying up stock control.

But what does this really have to do with the consumer?

Well, Tesco are aiming to provide customers with simple tips about storing fruit and veg properly to lengthen its life. It's also looking to promote the right kind of multi-buy offers and help families keep that £700 they're throwing away.

Expect to see many other supermarkets following suit soon to show just how much they care about the customer and reducing food waste. I'd be surprised if this doesn't become some sort of PR battle in the near future.


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