Download: Are Returns The Biggest Threat to Ecommerce Profitability?

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Shopping behaviour has changed forever. No longer are we fighting queues for the changing rooms, to fight our way into too-small jeans, then fight the embarrassment of having to return every pair to the assistant who is at best, busy, and at worst, disinterested.

The tables have turned. For consumers, shopping from the comfort of your own armchair, detached from all human contact and with the ability to return every purchase with impunity, is irresistible. And the value of e-commerce sales is increasing rapidly as a result.

How, then, do retailers address this escalating, expensive and poorly-understood problem?

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The whitepaper looks at how:

  • Online clothing sales are predicted to grow by 16.4% by 2016 – compared to 13.3% for the ecommerce market as a whole
  • Returned products cost global ecommerce retailers $200bn in cash and lost profits in 2012
  • Customer engagement is a continual factor of dissatisfaction with ecommerce
  • Businesses can start to deal with the issues surrounding returns and ecommerce profitability

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