Bond Could Change Customer Feedback Forever

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Bond, an ingenious communication device, could change the way consumer feedback is given.

You'll have to bare with me a little while I explain exactly why I think this crowd-funded wristband could change the face of customer reviews – it's all rather pie-in-the-sky.

Bond is actually a way to instantly communicate with a friend, letting them know you're thinking about them or sharing your emotions through a simple touch and vibrate system.

It's small and rather innocuous, but there's one great feature about it that might be being overlooked.

While it's great for staying in touch with a long-distance lover or a best friend, it also has the ability for you to share your mood with others through touch.

By turning off the vibration sharing function, you can use Bond to log your emotional responses and share them with others, thus creating an emotional heat map for all to see.

Touching for one second is a positive reaction, touching for five seconds is a negative reaction – with other emotions scaled in between.

"What use is this," you may think, but imagine this mapped to a service like Yelp, Google Maps, Facebook or Twitter. Then imagine that linked to a customer review.

Moving forward the four-piece who invented Bond plan to expand its capabilities too.

With nothing but a touch, your customers could be sharing their positive, or negative, experiences with the world while inside your restaurant, store or when using one of your services.

And we all know that once something goes on the Internet, it never goes away.


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