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Andrew Konrad, Manager of Analytics for, presented at Big Data World Canada 2013, where he addressed measuring and allocating your marketing dollars online using your data. We have made his slides available for download along with a recording so that you can both hear his presentation and view the slides he’s referring to. After all, we wouldn’t want you to miss anything, right?

Download the slides and recording here >

Having led the implementation and expansion of companywide analytics systems for three internet based companies, including his own startup, Andrew Konrad has become an emerging authority on ‘big data' in Canada. Employing a background in finance, statistics, and information technology, Andrew has an uncanny ability to convert data from its rawest form into actionable insights and visualizations that have a proven record of producing the cost effective results businesses crave.

Acting as a liaison between ‘C' level business minds and the tech team, Andrew creates visibility into a website's data and offers proof to the success of business and marketing initiatives that a company desperately needs to make the right business decisions. His use of a combination of predictive and descriptive statistics along with his deep understanding of a company's database ensures valuable marketing dollars don't go to waste while bringing optimal amounts of increased sales and new customers to the business.

During his presentation at last year’s Big Data World Canada, Andrew discussed the potential effectiveness of online marketing choices and the three pillars to great marketing data:

1. Measuring your marketing effectively
2. Choosing the right tools
3. Collecting, extracting, and trusting your data

Download his presentation here >

Involved in big data? You should join us for this year’s Big Data World Canada, taking place March 2014 in Toronto.

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