Google’s Android 4.4 KitKat May Well Revolutionise eCommerce

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I'm fully aware that I broke my own rules against marketing terms no company should ever use, but Google's newest addition to Android 4.4 KitKat genuinely seems deserving of term ‘revolutionary'.

Utilising Google's powerful search technology, KitKat eliminates the need for a user to fuss around in their files trying to determine where they saved a certain document, be it in Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail, Evernote etc.

Now, by integrating with your phone's apps, KitKat allows you to search for anything on Google and discover where it is in your phone if you've already got it stored on there or one of your various accounts linked to your phone or Google login.

What does this mean for eCommerce then?

Well, that same technology can be used to assist user searches can also be utilised to open installed apps and take customers directly to the relevant portion in an app thanks to deep-linking.

This means that, instead of sending a consumer to an unwieldy, non-mobile optimised website, they'll be sent to the relevant page inside the store or company's app.

Not only does this mean the customer journey is far more seamless, it also reduces the barrier to payment as many apps store payment information and allow one-click ordering. No longer will the wall of entering payment details via a touch-screen keyboard be a stumbling block.

Essentially, Google has helped your businesses omni-channel offering, improved efficiency for Android users through an incredible piece of search technology, and it's done it all without causing a single bit of fanfare.

It's unsurprising that 75 per cent of all smartphone users make use of the Android platform, and with KitKat coming in, that'll only likely increase as the free update is rolled out across android phones.


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