Using Big Data to combat attrition with GE Capital

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Big Data World Canada is where the region's big data experts come to network, learn from each other, and discuss the latest data industry developments.

We were glad to have David Liebskind, General Manger of Retail Analytics Services at GE Capital, join us for last year’s Big Data World Canada. At GE Capital David was formerly the Customer Retention Leader and Analytics Leader for GE Canada.  Currently, he is the Retail Analytics Leader supporting GE's Retail Credit Card portfolios. David has led the development of segmentation and predictive models for 10 different countries as well as identifying actionable customer insights to grow sales and profitability.

Participating in our data strategy determination segment, David presented a case study on the utilization of segmentation and predictive analytics to combat attrition.

Download his slides here >

During his case study, David demonstrated how to effectively monitor and measure attrition as well as the development of analytical solutions to reduce customer attrition. The presentation focused on how a business can implement segmentation and predictive models to construct a customer retention framework. David also presented several items that highlighted the impact of these analytical tools as well as the development and deployment of a marketing optimization framework. 

His talk covered:

  • Combating attrition
  • Proactive marketing & retention strategies
  • Building a retention marketing framework
  • What makes segmentation important
  • How to reach the optimal customer treatment
  • The importance of predictive modeling
  • Current value Vs. Future value

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Interested in data strategy and analytics? You should join us this year’s Big Data World Canada, taking place in Toronto this coming March.

[Image: Brian Wilkins – Flickr]