Speaking Up with Digital Signage?

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Speaking Up with Digital Signage?

As an agent of the ‘silent salesman', digital signage has the ability to provide compelling content through a subtle mix of the right advertising and the power of distraction.

While it's true that mobile phones occupy a larger percentage of distraction time in the lives of today's society; the infrastructure of the outside world is swiftly gaining traction in featuring more streamlined content and greater interactivity with the audience especially through digital signage such as e-kiosks, retail stores, fast-food chains and pretty much everything that involves direct customer engagement.

The screen-based era of communications is the reality for today but it has evolved together through an innovative disposition of web connectivity and augmented reality. Sisyu and teamLab's "What a Loving and Beautiful World" critically-acclaimed interactive digital artwork installation at the Narita Airport in Japan is a shining example on creative digital signage that invokes a magical experience that speaks to the audience.

Hence, the dynamics of intriguing appeal and entertainment value have been tremendously shifted through the engagement of technology and in this case; the evolution of digital signage.

Digital signage is definitely an incredible platform that entails potential ideas that can be easily disseminated but for it to be able to make an impact, it should make the experience of the intended audience as painless as it can and it should be.

To elaborate, everything today is currently soaked with noise and with the explosion of social media to date; it's bound to get louder than ever. There's just no room for peace especially with the "shove-everything-in your-face" attitude.

And so, there's nothing like simple signage smiling serenely without a voice providing the pleasure of silence, killing off the deafening crowd.

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This is a guest post by Hanis Jazil.

[Image: EguchiJP – Flickr]