Brands Could Benefit From This Street Artist’s Style

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Sometimes it's hard to think a new an innovative way of advertising your brand, but sometimes someone else comes along and does it for you.

An artist, going by the name of Dori the Giant, has created a series of street art pieces around Brampton that recreate brand logos out of the product they're selling.

So you've got the Nutella logo made out of Nutella, Miracle Whip drawn up on a wall from that whipped substance it sells and a rather impressive Maxwell House logo from the granulated coffee product.

While not done to actively promote any particular product, more done in the word of fun, Dori's ‘Pro Bono Promo' series of artworks do inspire and should be a rather fantastic influence for marketers around the world.

Especially as her work is being shared by many.

I've included a few images in the gallery below, you can head on over to Dorithegiant to see more of her work.

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