What’s next for Customer Loyalty Programmes?

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Customer loyalty programmes has always been proven to be a successful marketing strategy for businesses and it's only natural that the first step for initiation is to revise successful case studies and employ the concept of "if you see a good idea, copy it."

So here's an excellent infographic that depicts the evolution of loyalty programmes throughout the history of marketing worldwide.

The digital age paves the way for greater direct marketing channels such as emails, mobile messaging and social networking.

As such, the connected consumer today is constantly bombarded with an absurdly gargantuan amount of information and here's a day in life of mine:

"Here I am in bed and there's the ever-annoying alarm ringing from my mobile phone and I'll just reach over to switch it off although I'm still not quite awake just yet. But wait, there's this long dreadful list of notification feeds and each day I have to filter out the important ones.

The strange thing is that I don't quite recall subscribing to the other useless ones and what annoyed me even more was that there were a bunch of websites offering coupons/deals and etc. that I couldn't even use because I failed to check them regularly."

Sure, many would say that it's on me for not checking my emails regularly and it's definitely my fault for missing out but doesn't anyone at least face a similar issue here?

In the extremely competitive market with customers developing a severe case of "selective branding", customer loyalty programmes are a definite trump card but what's the point if there isn't any genuine connection being established?

People want to be rewarded for loyalty. It's really like giving a dog a bone and then you'll see how they start barking for more instead of simply just howling with nothing to gnaw upon. But don't just give it that same bone everyday because everyone needs something to be excited about and not just blatant notifications shoved in their faces.

So really, the question that begs to be answered is "What's next for customer loyalty programmes?"

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[Article by: Hanis Jazil] [Image: dhcla]

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