Big Data Analytics: Inventing Gods Today

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Big Data World

Big data is passé and the next call of action for companies with massive amounts of data is to leverage on big data analytics to develop a stronger and more competitive advantage in their respective business industries.

According to a research conducted by Ventana, business organizations rank analytics as the pinnacle of priority among the top six technology trends that range from mobile devices to the Internet of Things.

An easy explanation for this is that everything requires data analysis. Back in the Stone Age, information was carved on stone walls for the preservation of ideas. Ideas can only then evolve if they are clearly understood and that is why there is a need for information to be collected and subsequently, analyzed. The scientific revolution has led to many innovative breakthroughs in technology and so, the scope of data will never be completely measured especially in the age of information.

What can be remedied is to utilize big data analytics that crunch-down colossal data statistics and yield information that’s precise and comprehensive to the user.

A classic example of a big data-driven company is Google. It’s the most data-driven company in the world, which collects massive amounts of information around the clock.

There's no need to explain the importance of Google in today's age because the truth is that Google represents the omniscient idea of the all-seeing and all-knowing entity very much like a God. The reason being that for the most of us, all our prayers get answered by a relatively innocent search engine.

But most companies don't really see how Big Data analytics are, in fact, key drivers to the successful enterprise that has such a profound impact on the lives of many.

In other words, how can other businesses shape up with Big Data analytics?

[Article by: Hanis Jazil] [Image: Texus Instruments]