Ebay Fight For Your Christmas Commerce This Year

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eBay has announced that its taking this years Christmas shopping season seriously by waiving the same-day delivery fee that customers can pay extra for on the service.

The eBay Now service, which first launched last year in San Francisco (before expanding to New York and San Jose – with plans for 25 more markets by the end of 2014), allows customers to place orders through iPhone and Android eBay apps and have them delivered within one hour.

By making this $5 service free over the Christmas period means that there's far more chance browsing users will become actual customers.

"With six less shopping days this year, timing is everything,” said an eBay spokesperson to Mashable in a statement. “We are offering free delivery for eBay Now to help holiday shoppers who are looking for a convenient way to get whatever they need and love this holiday season, delivered anywhere in about an hour.”

It's certainly a strong contender to the likes of Amazon and its Prime service which undoubtedly gets a workout in the hectic Christmas period. But it'll be interesting to see how other services, such as Shutl, handle the Christmas period.

Would you be inclined to make the most of this service over the holiday period?

Do you even think it's a smart move to foot the bill on this service?


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