Amazon’s Plan to Utilise Drones is No Joke – but it should be

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Amazon, Prime Air, Drones, UAV, Customer loyalty, Delivery, Joke, Jeff Bezos

Amazon's newest venture with drones has already hit the internet hard, hot on the lips of anyone who works in distribution, fulfilment (a term I hate), or customer loyalty.

But what exactly is Amazon Prime Air and is it even likely to ever happen?

While Amazon plan to have their air deliveries up in the sky by December 2015, pending approval from the US gov. about how to regulate commercial drones, it still seems like quite the pipe dream by Jeff Bezos and his team.

Amazon's vision is that "one day, Prime Air vehicles will be as normal as seeing mail trucks on the road today." And that may certainly be true, but doesn't it bring more questions to the table than answer them?

After all, it's nice to have something delivered to your house in the same day, even in 30 minutes from paying for it. But who will this service be available to by then? How secure could your package actually be? And with more and more people living in smaller homes, how do deliveries get made to places such as flats or apartment blocks?

While it's stereotypical to throw out the notion that more gun-ho Americans might take to shooting drones out of the sky to attain their bounty, how will Amazon ensure that successful deliveries are achieved?

How big a package could they take at once? One would assume you won't be seeing TVs flying up in the air, nor anything small but overly weighty or fragile.

Then there's the issue of air traffic issues, with most drones only having limited flight times and paths, along with the legal issues of airspace. Perhaps they'd have to follow the roads, hovering above them instead.

And what happens when it rains, is too windy out or many factors that traditional deliveries won't be hampered by?

It's still a long way off, but it seems that Amazon's aspirations for the future and for delivering a new way for customers to receive goods in a speedy time frame may forever remain a dream.

Still, it's rather nice that people have gone out of their way to come up with some inventive jokes surrounding this announcement, such as the one below.

Amazon, Prime Air, Drones, UAV, Customer loyalty, Delivery, Joke, Jeff Bezos

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