Top 15 loyalty programmes in Greater China

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All consumer brands want to wow and create amazing experiences for their customers. It's not an easy feat to build customer loyalty in this generation where consumers are spoilt with choices and are easily influenced by online reviews and recommendations by people they are familiar with.

To build a truly engaging loyalty programme, one must not forget the basis of how a loyalty programme is constructed. Customers are central to the success of one's brand popularity and loyalty. As such, a marketer or loyalty head who is thinking of fresh ideas and techniques to gain brand loyalty must first think of the customer's likes and preferences. It is a very customer-centric system that builds on the following ingredients of success: appreciation, rewards, partnerships, rebates, affinity and coalition. Any missing ingredient will have a likelihood of impeding the effectiveness of one's loyalty programme.

The team from Hong Kong's Customer Festival has put together an eBook which uncovers the top 15 loyalty programmes in Greater China – from China to Hong Kong to Taiwan. These loyalty programmes have been selected because they each encompass the values required for success and explores the potential through the presentation of case-studies for strategic and valuable insights in the industry of customer loyalty.

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In this eBook, you can discover loyalty programmes by:

  • Green Tomato
  • Sodacard
  • HEPO
  • Dianping
  • China Merchant Services
  • Pantry Magic

…and more.

Download the eBook now to view all 15 innovative ideas!

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