China, the Most Important Data Market?

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China's booming population of 1.35 billion people is a goldmine for the Big Data analytics industry and, together with the rising rates of mobile phone and Internet penetration – as well as a rapidly increasing urban economy; will China be able succeed with its highly prospective data playground?

According to an associate professor of marketing in the Guanghua School of Management University, he stated that, "China will soon become the world's most important data market." He also advised the people of China to consider the career path of "data scientists" which is predicted to one of the most valuable jobs in the next decade.

The Chinese government has already administered efforts into helping domestic enterprises that analyse big data as an initiative of China's current Five Year Plan, which seeks to enhance high-quality growth in next generation information technology among other emerging industries.

Alibaba and Baidu are prime examples of heavy user-generated data companies that require refinement in Big Data analytics to remain as leaders in the ever growing competitive market.

We’ll be taking a look at the Top 10 Big Data Companies in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan that provide the strategic insights and the know-hows to the future of Big Data in an upcoming eBook.

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