Apple iBeacon Starts A Customer Engagement Revolution

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Apple has just rolled out iBeacon, a new piece of technology that could revolutionise the way customers shop.

Apple, the Californian tech giant responsible for countless shiny gadgets around the world, has unveiled a sneaky piece of new technology known as iBeacon.

If you head down to any US Apple store with an iPhone that’s more recent than the 4, you’ll be greeted by a set of alerts – that is if you allow push messaging.

Thanks to iBeacon, iPhone users will be sent alerts to their home screens about offers and prices about the products they’re stood near.

It may let you know that you’re eligible for an upgrade for your iPhone when stood next to the table of shiny iPhone 5s’. Or, it could inform you of a deal that’s happening on new iMacs just as you decide to walk past them.

iBeacon works by placing the customer inside the store with centimetre precision thanks to Bluetooth on the phone and beacons located around the store.

This allows retailers to section off areas where certain push messages will be sent in, allowing for some really nifty offer targeting to occur.

It’s currently unknown if retailers can identify users individually, remember a user’s past actions, shopping history or reward loyal customers more when using iBeacon. Heck, it’s also unknown if there are plans to make it cross compatible with Android and Windows Phones too.

Either way, iBeacon is in stores and working, and shows that the technology currently works. Now we have to wait and see if it makes any difference on customer experience and interaction.

If it does, expect to see it rolled out into many other stores around the globe, after all, it has the potential to create an entirely new way of customer interaction.

Personally, I’ve always got my phone set to reject push messages – I hate being sold to over personal mediums such as my phone. But maybe, just maybe, if iBeacon makes it worth my while, I might just switch them on.


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