You have Big Data…now what?

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Patrick Martin, Product Manager of Data Warehouse and Strategy Manager at Zappos, presented during Big Data World Canada 2013’s “Measuring and allocating your marketing dollars” segment. His case study was titled “You have BIG data, but is it the right data to drive your organization?”

We encourage you to listen to the recording of his presentation alongside these slides, so that you can both hear his presentation and view the slides he’s referring to. There is a link to the recording included in the document.

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Patrick Martin works for Zappos IP as strategy and product manager of their web analytics tool suite. As part of his dual role, he enjoys developing new strategies, and helping to continually embrace and drive change within the organization. Leveraging his background and experience, he has helped change the way that Zappos organizes and uses their data analytics. Working collaboratively with the analytics, business, and development teams, they have discovered new and interesting insights about the company, industry dynamics, and ways to continue to provide WOW service to Zappos customers.

Hear what he had to say about:

  • How to best implement your big data
  • Delivering happiness
  • How Zappos has built a data-driven organization
  • The importance of customer service
  • How to tell if you have the right data
  • Measuring and organizing your data correctly

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If learning from Big Data experts like Patrick would benefit your business, join us for this year’s Big Data World Canada, taking place March 3-4 in Toronto.

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