Video: What is the biggest driver of emotional brand loyalty for consumers?

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At America’s Customer Festival 2013, we asked some of our participants what they thought the biggest driver of emotional brand loyalty is for consumers. Does emotional loyalty outweigh transactional loyalty?

Watch the video above to hear what Bryan Pearson, President and Chief Executive Officer for  LoyaltyOne, Martin Hayward, Vice President Global Digital Strategy for  Aimia, Derek Strauss, Chief Data Officer for  TD Ameritrade, Dhani Jones, Partner, VMG Creative; Founder and Chairman, BowTie Cause; Former Linebacker, National Football League, and Dr. Inderpal Bhandari, Chief Data Officer & Vice President, Knowledge Solutions for Express Scripts, had to say about emotional vs. transactional loyalty.

Do you need both? Is the emotional aspect of loyalty more important than the rational? Let us know what you think!