e-Commerce and home delivery – a lasting marriage?

In Customer Experience, Delivery, Technology by Vaughn Highfield

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Home delivery, an essential component of e-Commerce has seen plenty of breakthroughs and developments.

The continual success of e-Commerce isn’t just changing the way the world shops, it’s also changing the expectations of the consumer.

And it’s quite amazing how delivery has transcended from bicycles to auto-piloted octacopters in the current progressive and technological age where the sky is literally, the only limit for now at least.

In China, SF Express also known as the leading courier company in the country is testing a drone that has the capability to reach a maximum altitude of 100m and delivering parcels within two metres of its target. The drone is designed specifically to deliver packages to remote areas in China.

When compared to the US, China has a head start in developing commercial drones as it has the government support and backing. In the US, the Federal Aviation Administration is not required to issue commercial drone rules until 2015 which put the country at a disadvantage.

However, Amazon’s relentless pursuit in becoming the go-to-supplier has resulted in the company announcing that it will guarantee a ‘one-day delivery’ service in selected city states of India such as Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Pune. Amazon India also stated that it will automatically refund shipping charges if orders are not received by the promised day.

So are the days of eagerly counting down to an anticipated shipment over?

Personally, I’m more worried about pirates and hijackers intercepting my stuff. The drone isn’t exactly the toughest nut around anyway. Also, it’s that Big Brother déjà vu feeling all over again; just imagine a drone knowing the exact coordinates to your doorstep and given the hacking potential of cyber criminals today, I’m not really hyped up for it. Yet.

However, I’m pretty sure these factors will be taken into consideration accordingly and it’s just a matter of time for the ‘drone project’ to revolutionize the e-Commerce industry.

So will e-Commerce and home delivery be able to sustain this relationship by kicking a notch up in this department? It seems that home delivery brazen approach in strengthening the relationship between the two might prove to be a double-edged sword. Let us know what you think!

This is a guest post by Hanis Jazil

[Image: 24allnews.com]