Amazon Tops Mobile and Online Shopper Satisfaction in New Survey

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Amazon’s quick dispatch times and progression in digital and mobile has seen them hit the top spot in customer satisfaction surveys over the holiday period.

Amazon, the online retailer that everybody in the world knows about, has topped a recent consumer satisfaction survey in the US that looked at over 67,000 responses from customer responses. The news comes from ForeSee’s newly published 61-page report (PDF) released earlier this week, which sets out to comprehensively analyse US retailers and how they encouraged customer retention and sales.

While it’s no surprise to see Amazon sitting pretty at the top, largely due to the fact that it’s a continually innovating retailer, which doesn’t seem to be too scared of taking new risks, as well as a business that prides itself on customer satisfaction, it managed to top both the online and mobile marketplace by quite a margin. L.L. Bean was also sat at the top of web-based companies in terms of satisfaction for the same reason as Amazon dominating multichannel commerce.

It wasn’t the only one to sit near the top though, as brick and mortar retailer Publix held such a lofty position, once again down to meticulous detail when putting customers first in each transaction. However, on average, physical stores fared far worse at customer satisfaction – something you’d have thought would be doing very well thanks to the added layer of human interaction.

“The data shows that customer loyalty for retailers is on the decline, yet consumers are satisfied with the top retail brands and had the best experience with retailers who mastered the multichannel experience,” said ForeSee president and CEO Larry Freed.

And it’s telling, seeing as the report states that 87 per cent of customers surveyed indicated that they were satisfied by the price charged by Amazon, along with site functionality and content. It’s also a positive sign to see that 90 per cent said they’d recommend Amazon to another shopper for a future purchase. Few other sites enjoyed such a privilege.

So, what should you take away from this then, other than the fact that Amazon seems to reign supreme? How about taking a leaf from Amazon, L.L. Bean and Publix’s book of customer service, and offering them speedy, effortless, and enjoyable experiences that aren’t hampered by company bureaucracy or a strange conservatism to expanding your business offerings?

Essentially, if you’re not on mobile, online or making the most of your brick and mortar stores, why not?


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