Cadbury Drop Joyville for 2014

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Cadbury will drop Joyville campaign in favour of something more representative

Cadbury’s Joyville advertising campaign, the one that saw a gorilla drumming to Phil Collins, a cheeky song about fancying a dad, and kids unwrapping an entire street, will be shelved in favour of a new campaign that will “evolve” the concept of joy found in eating chocolate.

The advert, which you can see above, starts with man being put on hold while at work. After nibbling on a bit of Cadbury Dairy Milk, he begins to dance and sing along to the classic “Yes Sir, I can Boogie” by Baccara. Apparently the advert has already had people claiming that they can really identify with the situation. We’ll leave that to your imagination.

“We’re hoping the idea we’re running with Cadbury is one that resonates with people in a way that allows us to raise the bar in 2014 in terms of return-on-investment,” said marketing activation director at Cadbury, Matthew Williams.

“Joyville was a global campaign that really worked well for us but we found some of our communications were a bit too complicated. Some of the Joyville characters, while engaging, did get in the way of some of the messages we that we wanted to get across in terms of what it means to have a glass and a half of milk in your Dairy Milk chocolate and our great new Marvellous Creations bars.”

The campaign, which will be a year long – at least initially – also introduces a new tagline to replace Joyville: “Free the Joy”.

Naturally, more will be revealed as we move closer and closer to Easter – a key period for any confectionery manufacturer.


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