Internet Explorer Adresses the ’90s Child in new Ad

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Hungry Hippos, Pogs, Yo-Yos, Microsoft brings them all back in this Internet Explorer Ad

Internet Explorer has always had a bit of a tough time when it’s come to converting public opinion about its usability.

Microsoft faced a task in patching up a major security flaw in earlier builds, and most businesses still make use of it due to familiarity. Yet on a consumer front, many opt for alternatives such as Firefox and the now ubiquitous Chrome for any Android users out there. Apple takes a chunk with Safari, and iOS users only ever use Safari too due to a lack of real alternatives. So Internet Explorer’s main users seem to be businesses and Windows Phone users, and that’s something Microsoft has been trying to turn around.

So, tapping into the market that grew up with the likes of Netscape, Mozilla, and Internet Explorer as their only means of accessing the super-speedy delights of 56K internet, Microsoft has focused its latest advert onto ‘Generation Y’s’ greatest loves of their childhood.

While you may wonder what the link between Pogs, Trolls, Yo-Yos, light-up trainers and Oregon Trail have to do with Internet Explorer, but the message is simple: you’ve grown up, and so have they.

Though, I’m unsure how effective it would actually be in converting anyone to using Internet Explorer. For me, who this advert is addressing, I just pine for some of those moments back again, but I’m quite content with using Chrome for all my web-enabled devices – and I certainly wouldn’t change for my heavily-invested Google life.

Still, if the sound of a 56K modem dialling away and the whir of a Yo-Yo makes you want to jump aboard the good ship Internet Explorer, then Microsoft has done its job perfectly.


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