What all marketers need to know about Big Data

Big Data: What all marketers need to know

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AIMIA, Big Data, presentation, Bernadette KirbyDo you switch off when you hear the words ‘Big Data’?

Are you thinking “what’s this got to do with me my business?”

Big Data is everywhere, I’m sure that you’re always coming across articles that you probably gloss over; maybe you don’t truly understand what the fuss is about.

But you also spend many hours pondering how to know, understand and connect with your customers, right? Then here’s what all marketers need to know about big data.

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Bernadette Kirby, Design and Solutions Director, Middle East from AIMIA will answer:

  • Is it really useful to your business?
  • What is the ROI on data
  • What are the Big Data myths (and truths!)
  • How you can avoid Big Data pitfalls

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