Emotional Loyalty – How the customer’s brain works

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Is emotional loyalty the holy grail for Loyalty Directors?

Just before the New Year, I found myself sitting next to Phil Seward,Virgin America’s Head of Loyalty at a dinner in the Ritz hosted by Tibco. Their charismatic loyalty guru, David Roesen, was explaining to us how emotional loyalty works.

It was, to say the least, enlightening.

He introduced emotional loyalty by discussing the idea of slow (rational) and fast (emotional) thinking, before calling Phil and a few other industry leaders in the room (Katy Wadey, Tesco; and Claire Whitehead, InterContinental) on stage to continue the discussion.

They rounded off the debate by discussing what the moments of truth were for their different businesses. Earlier in the evening we had been privileged to a screening of Virgin America’s now viral safety video, so there was no prizes for guessing Phil’s stance on the subject was.

However, the variance in the panellist’s answers was what really fascinated me. This was made even more apparent by the room’s reaction. About 50 leading loyalty marketeers all giving different standpoints on the topic.

Two things have struck me since, firstly that this was simply a great discussion and that it should be shared. Therefore, please download the presentation on emotional loyalty.

During the presentation the panellists discussed:

  • How mobility has changed the brain?
  • Slow, rational decision making still matters
  • Training the fast emotional response
  • How cam marketeers train the brain?

Download it here.

Secondly, that these sorts of closed door dinners should be encouraged and their organiser’s commended. So, I’d like to invite you to attend Tibco’s second dinner, taking place on 5th February at the Hôtel Royal Monceau in Paris, France.

Forester Research, Procter & Gamble’ and Virgin America Airlines, along with some of the leading loyalty marketeers in Europe, will be joining Tibco. If you’d like to join them as well, you can do so by simply heading to their event registration form. Hopefully see you there.


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