10 Super Bowl 2014 Ads You Have to See

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Nothing seems more American than the Super Bowl, and 48 years on, advertising plays a crucial role in the whole Super Bowl experience

The Super Bowl may well have been an utter whitewash for Denver Broncos fans – it’s never nice seeing your team get crushed – but it surely was still an enjoyable experience to be sat at home soaking up the adverts that pepper almost every break between plays.

The Super Bowl ad is still the prime advertising spot on American television, providing advertisers with a huge engaged audience and the potential to go viral once it hits the internet the following day. While most other advert slots on television are becoming near worthless due to more and more audiences engaging through on-demand services or occupying themselves with tablets and mobiles in ad breaks, the Super Bowl audience is there to be entertained.

And entertained they shall be!

As usual, the Super Bowl advert roster ranged from the touching to the downright deranged, but all of them were entertaining and great examples of how you can rejuvenate a brand. If only this much creativity was afforded to usual adverts, the ad breaks might be interesting to watch once more.

Here are 10 of the best adverts of the 2014 Super Bowl:

Toyota’s Big Game Ad

Terry Crews – of Old Spice viral fame – is back again, but this time with The Muppets and Toyota to advertise the new Toyota Highlander. As you can expect from both Terry Crews and The Muppets, it’s funny – even if it’s only a minute or so long.


Coca-Cola’s Multi-Language “It’s Beautiful”

While this may have rubbed some of the more xenophobic up the wrong way, it’s hard to deny that Coke has done it again when it comes to creating a great advert. Pulling the heart-strings of American’s patriotism, while pushing its message of togetherness to the international limit. One of the many feel-good adverts of the Super Bowl.



This riot grrrl-inspired advert for GoldieBlox takes the, frankly awful, gender-stereotyping of children’s toys and flips it on its head by gathering girls and rebelling against the norm in a bid to play with something a bit more mentally challenging. It’s a great ad, and sure to have helped push GoldieBlox’s profile in the process.


T-Mobile: What can Tim Tebow do with no contract?

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow lends his talents to T-Mobile’s latest no-contract push by a) poking fun at himself being cut from the New England Patriots and b) showing the world what freedom can really offer you if you take the bull by the horns.


Newcastle Brown Ale: Anna Kendrick – Behind the scenes

Newcastle Brown Ale has hit America by being down-to-earth and really just pulling no punches. The same can be said for this scripted ‘behind the scenes’ advert with Anna Kendrick dropping the f-bomb a fair few times. It’s not only slightly baffling to watch, but it’s also hard not to think that it’s actually a work of calculated genius.


Squarespace – A Better Web Awaits

Squarespace wants to redefine how we see and use the web, but understands that the web isn’t going to change. So, in this equally amusing and creepy ad, it brings the web to life – showing it in all its meme-soaked glory.


Jaguar: British Villains Rendezvous

Jaguar understands that the bad guys are always the more appealing ones in films, living the lavish life, driven by their goals, and always going out to get what they want. Obviously, doing so would see you frowned upon in society, but there is one way around such a dilemma: live like the bad guy, don’t be a bad guy. Thankfully, all Hollywood films seem to star Brits as the bad guys, and Jaguar just so happens to be British.


Budweiser: A Hero’s Welcome – Full Story

Budweiser had two ads at the Super Bowl, both of them rather heartfelt, but this one definitely tugs on the heartstrings. Helping a Rotary Club and US war veterans, Budweiser puts on a parade and welcome-home ceremony for Winter Park resident and returning soldier Lt. Chuck Nadd. No doubt the patriotism on show here won over many Americans watching at home, but the message that Budweiser conveys – i.e. not being an overtly Budweiser-branded advert – makes it stick in the head and heart even more.


Microsoft: Empowering

Microsoft has had a hard time of late. Its Windows Phone range is floundering, Surface sales have only picked up now Surface 2 is out, Windows 8 has been laden with user interface issues, and Internet Explorer is still envisioned as the old dinosaur of the browser world. So, what does Microsoft do for the Super Bowl? It eschews all of that, ignoring it’s products specifics, and focuses down on the work that Microsoft has done with its R&D labs, and how that’s gone on to improve the lives of so many around the world.


RadioShack: The Phone Call

Nostalgia is a powerful thing. It’s a great way to have people identify with your brand – especially if it has a past – and RadioShack definitely has a past. This ’80s-packed nostalgia-fest is RadioShack’s way of saying that they know they’re not up-to-date any more. But now they are, showcasing their brand new stores and customer experience to boot. It’s an amusing message that will no-doubt stick in customer’s minds.


Oh, and here’s a bonus Bud Light ad


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