LEGO Know How to Market a Product

In Featured on App, Marketing and Sales by Vaughn Highfield

LEGO may have the biggest piece of content marketing on the way, but they sure do know how to advertise

LEGO may well be the most popular toy ever made. The plastic bricks have won the world over, been turned into video game series of popular films and comics, created play sets of films, TV shows, games, cult icons, etc. and have created theme parks across the globe. So, it’s not like LEGO really need to advertise themselves any more.

But, seeing as there’s one huge piece of content marketing coming our way in the form of The LEGO Movie, they really do need to advertise what it’s all about.

So, cue the wonderful brains behind LEGO’s marketing approach as ITV viewers were treated to an incredibly smart piece of advertising where LEGO took over an entire ad break. But this wasn’t any old ad break. No, instead, four popular and recognisable TV adverts had been converted completely into LEGO.

We saw an advert for British Heart Foundation, Confused.Com car insurance, BT Infinity Internet, and Premier Inn. Nothing quite puts a smile on your face like seeing a LEGO version of Vinnie Jones perform hands only CPR.

Do you think this is a smart move by LEGO? After all, all the adverts feel like they’re just using LEGO as a media platform rather than a product for adversing.


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