Big Data: Understanding its uses

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Big Data is still a lucrative sector, but who are the innovators behind it all?

Big-data related products and services grew to more than $18 billion in 2013; combine that with Fast Company’s recently published article on the top 10 most innovative companies in Big Data, which makes for very interesting reading, and you’ve got a subject area that every marketer needs to really understand.

These large data sets derive from analysis of a single large-set of related data. This data assists companies to not only spot business trends, but to also gain additional benefits, such as the reduction of hospital visits through preventing diseases, improving traffic conditions by determining real-time traffic, and even in the world of education.

Big Data is also changing the way companies hire and manage their workforces. Human Resources software such as EVOLV has enabled employers to better understand their employees and job candidates by comparing their work experience, skills, and personalities. Data scientists have also uncovered other predictions, discovering that people with two social media accounts seem to perform much higher than those with more or less. Also, in many careers, such as call-centre work, employees with criminal backgrounds perform better than those with squeaky-clean records.

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