Sony Gets Creative With its Walkman Marketing Campaign

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Sony goes literal with its latest ad stunt for waterproof Walkman

While arriving too late to be part of our “10 Packaging Designs Doing Something Right¬†feature, Sony’s new Walkman packaging design is both incredibly smart and riffs on Festina Watches’ approach of marketing the products USP over what it does.

In this case, it’s how waterproof their Walkman MP3 player is. Hint: It’s very waterproof.

So waterproof, in fact, that it can be sealed inside a filled Walkman water bottle and sold in gym vending machines.

It’s not the newest Walkman in Sony’s repertoire, as the catchy-named Walkman NWZ-W270 MP3 player was launched back at CES 2013, but this new marketing push shows that the waterproof player – which was previously demoed by swimmers using it underwater – is worth it for many more applications. Hopefully it’ll also generate some interest in the product a year later. And who doesn’t want a snazzy Walkman-branded water bottle for when they’re working out down at the gym?

The marketing idea comes from the Auckland, New Zealand, based ad agency DraftFCB, who will be selling the product at pools and gyms in the nation. What’s so wonderful about the idea is that patrons of these places and just pick one up from any of the vending machines on site. The Walkman resides within a bottle that’s just stocked on a shelf as per usual. Not only is it great place to sell a product, but the fact that it’s there in front of unsuspecting customers means that it may well sell just on the novelty value alone.

Many of Sony’s products are waterproof too, with print ads showing them immersed in water, but this is the first time that they’ve actually sold a product in the wet stuff.

As you can imagine, this is quite the talking point, and a really smart move for Sony in the region. Here’s hoping it expands outwards to other territories and helps them recoup some of those losses that their electronics divisions are making. Waterproof TV next anyone?


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