Infographic: The Best Time for Content Discovery

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Creating content is just half the creative struggle, but how do you create discovery?

So, you’ve embraced the idea of content creation to help with discovery. You’ve gone and SEOed it like a pro, and you fully expect Google to love what you’ve given it. But there’s still one tricky metric to account for: when do you share it?

Sharing content can’t just mean posting it online and leaving it to do its own thing. You’ve got to be there, the whole way, ready to push it and respond to others in a timely manner – promoting it through various channels until you just can’t share it any more.

Timing is crucial in doing this, especially when you’re reaching out to a global audience, each one relying on a different time zone to do their business.

Well, worry no more as Radium One has put together this incredibly helpful infographic on the Best Time for Sharing Content, so you can figure out the optimum time for your content to be discovered by your customers and clients.

For instance, did you know that the best time for email open rates is actually between the hours of 6 and 7 AM? Or that Twitter peaks in clicks around 1 PM? How about mobile users sharing more content at 10 PM and clicking through to content at 9 PM?

You can take it all in by looking at the infographic below, click for a larger version.

Do you think that the facts and figures are right? Do Radium One’s findings resonate with your own experiences?

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