Infographic: What Social Network is Best for You?

In Customer Engagement, Featured on App, Social media by Vaughn Highfield

Social networks can be an utter minefield for content creators, so which one is best for your content?

Social networks are everywhere nowadays. There’s so many bases to cover, each one with it’s own audience who like particular things and work in their own mysterious ways. It’s nigh-on-impossible to appease them all, so don’t. Target the social network that really matters most to what you want to achieve. And, if you really want to grab everyone, tailor your content to each social network individually.

That’s all well and good, but how do you go about engaging with these varying platforms successfully?

Well, worry no more as has come to the rescue with an infographic detailing the habits and interests of Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Intagram, Google, and LinkedIn users. Strangely, Tumblr is absent from their listing, but we’ll let Yahoo deal with that one.

You can view a larger infographic by clicking below.

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