See the 23 US Product of the Year Winners

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Who’s got the strongest chance of winning over US consumers money this year?

The Product of the Year awards are a rather prestigious accolade for any brand that manages to gain the right to slap its badge all over its products and advertising. And in 2014 that practice hasn’t changed and we’ve got a whole new set of winners for customers across the country to admire.

While you could probably fill a small swimming pool with the amount of awards and pat-on-the-back awards that the industry throws around, Product of the Year is actually quite a big deal. Not only is it voted for by consumers – truly showing that they want a product – it also significantly boosts sales of a product (around 10 – 15 per cent). It shows customers that they can trust a band and that they’re getting quality goods in the process.

This year’s Product of the Year winners were decided from a survey of 40,000 consumers, and picked up their awards at the US ceremony in New York.

There are plenty of categories too, with 23 awards being given out. Do you think these are the products that should have won?

You can take a look at them all by clicking through this slideshow>