Epsilon on Maintaining Clients and Launching Projects

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How do Epsilon face the challenges and opportunities ahead?

Find out in this video taken at America’s Customer Festival 2013, where¬†John Bartold, Vice President of Loyalty Solutions, Epsilon, talks about his experience in the loyalty industry and at the event.

Hear him talk about the challenges and opportunities ahead, how they maintain clients and launch new products.

“That’s really been my focus and that’s what I’m really wanting to help develop across the world and find how is it that we connect to consumers,” said John, speaking about how Epsilon maintains clients and launches new products. “These events are great opportunities to share ideas, get new insights, talk about what’s working, what’s not working, and where can we go next? These are all great things to do.”

You can head on over to the America’s Customer Festival website to find out more about this year’s event.