Coke Débuts it’s Social Media Guard

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Coke encourages you to put down your phone and get together with friends

When you try to encourage a race horse to focus on the course ahead you provide it with blinkers, when you want to ensure that your cat or dog doesn’t chew at some stitches you provide it with an Elizabethan collar. But what do you do when you need to stop people looking at their phones and start engaging with one another?

Coke’s answer is to give everyone some big red head cones and make them stop.

Obviously this is a joke, and Coke’s ‘Analogue Labs’ is unlikely to have created this as a real product. But it’s a smart move nontheless and really does play on people’s pet peeves of how they ignore social situations in favour of creating digital ones instead.

The ad positions the head cone as an eye-opening experience that enlightens you about the world around you once again. It’s like being able to see for the first time. And what better way to celebrate your togetherness than by drinking down a bottle of Coke with friends. Thankfully, the social media collar allows you to do this wonderfully easily too.

Now that’s a marketing campaign that’s on the ball.


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