Google Glass Could be a Marketer’s Heaven

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Augmented reality ads come to a Google Glass near you

Google Glass may be out in the wild with a select few so far, it won’t be long before it heads out into the world as a major release available to everyone. Still, just imagine for a moment a future where everybody owns one; they’re so painfully commonplace it’s stranger to see someone without one than with.

In this future, people are plugged into a world that can continually connect to the internet, they can interact with otherwise static objects by just looking at them. Adverts could be placed absolutely anywhere and all of them could be interactive.

Well, that future isn’t so far away – on the ad front at least – as Blippar has announced that it’ll be arriving on Google Glass soon.

For those unaware of what Blippar actually is, it’s an augmented reality app that uses image recognition to trigger interactions. It’s primarily used in educational situations, i.e. in museums and art galleries, but increasingly it’s being used to help advertise.

The attraction, for Blippar – and for marketers – of Google Glass is that there’s literally no barrier to seeing adverts. While augmented reality currently requires users to hold up a smartphone between the object and their eyes – and that’s before they’ve turned their phone on, opened the app and let it load – Google Glass allows interaction to be seamless.

Of course, there are some concerns. What’s stopping adverts from popping up literally everywhere?

Blippar has to authorise every advert through the system, so there’s not going to be ads popping up off a nondescript brick wall. It also has to be activated by the user, which could easily be done through a blink or double tap on the side of Glass. Naturally, this raises the question of why a customer would ever want to turn such a feature on. But that’s failing to see the point of creating interactive adverts, you’ve got to convince the user into taking a look.

It’s certainly an interesting proposition to any marketer, allowing for a far more interactive brand. And, for those brands who already make use of Blippar’s services, they’re already future-proofing themselves.


[Image: giuseppe.costantino – Flickr]

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