IKEA Uses Science to Maximise Ad Space

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IKEA takes on it’s own ethos of space efficiency in a smart new ad campaign

IKEA may well be the furniture darling of the marketing world, producing memorable and quirky campaigns that are somehow so intrinsically Swedish in attitude, but they rarely ever adopt the idea of minimalism that their products ooze.

However, their latest ad campaign makes the most of a small space, albeit it needs to be seen at night time to work properly.

By using a bit of science, IKEA has created a billboard that contains three advertising messages in one space. During the day these layered magenta, blue, and yellow messages are a muddle of colour. But at night, with the right RGB light shining upon them, they materialise into something completely different.

A green light shows up the magenta-printed message, with a blue-purple light displaying yellow text clearly, and the red light illuminates the blue message. It’s allows for a rolling message to display, turning a static billboard into an active one. Alternatively, it allows for three different adverts to be shown, or even maximise space from 9m squared up to 27m squared. That’s a lot more space for, I wager, not a whole lot more money.

It’s a smart idea from the Hamburg-based design company thjnk, but I doubt it’ll catch on with many other retailers.

But it does pose an interesting question around billboard efficiency – do you really make the most of the advertising space you have?

What are your thoughts on IKEA’s newest marketing strategy?


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