Infographic: Loyalty Programs Help Increase Drug Store Sales

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Drug stores see increased sales thanks to their loyalty programs

The United States has a long-term love affair with the drug store. In Europe they amount to little more than pharmacies, somewhere to go and pick up a prescription and maybe some other medicines you may well need. However, in the US, for some they’re a small local store. A place to pick up the amenities of life. You can grab some small bits and bobs, alongside some sweets, snacks, maybe a movie, or even get your photos processed there.

While the UK has Boots, the US has drug stores in droves, and this new infographic from COLLOQUY shows that the drug stores who have loyalty programs really bring in far more front-end sales, which are worth far more to boot.

Taking a look at the three most popular drug stores in the US: Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, and Rite Aid, COLLOQUY has compared their loyalty offerings to show what each customer gets and how they are used.

It’s certainly food for thought when it comes to operating a loyalty programme.

Click on the infographic below to get a bigger, and better, look at it.

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  1. Bill Dozer

    Terrible, terrible article. This guy gets paid to write a few clever “Brit Bloke” comments (with punctuation mistakes: when you’re talking about multiple photographs, you would write “photos,” and not make the word possessive as you did with “photo’s), and provide no insight or in-depth reporting? There is no “so what?” that is the trademark of a relevant journalist. Don’t pretend to understand retail marketing, loyalty, or consumer behavior; you definitely have no clue, and you do us all a disservice with articles like this. #FAILCOLLOQUYJOURNO

    1. Starfox118

      Very sorry to hear you feel this way Bill, apologies for the typo in the post too – an easy error to make when typing fast. It has been corrected.I hope you don’t hold it against me.

  2. Corey Savage

    A loyalty program is only beneficial to the consumer if the reward resonates with them. Discounts on frequently purchased items make it worthwhile to become a member.

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