Infographic: The Future of Social Media

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Social media has overtaken traditional media for information sharing, and it isn’t stopping any time soon

Cast your mind back only a few years and the online landscape would have been completely different. The world of online advertising would be restricted to the delights of banner adverts and little else. The role of native advertising was practically unheard of, and many would have baulked at the idea of having produced something under the banner of content marketing.

Now though, the market is fierce and the online world is a place full of people sharing images, videos, music and amusing anecdotes and thoughts. The internet has become a social place, a network of interconnected thought that can be ruthless to those businesses that slip up or don’t keep pace.

Still, it’s a world that’s also rife for vicious expansion and the ability to win over the hearts and minds of an emerging generation of Internet-savvy consumers. But what can the past teach us about social media and it’s foibles? And what does the future hold?

In this infographic from¬†Total Customer,¬†we’ve taken a look at the four once-great social networking sites and what they brought to the table, taken a glance at the powers of the big social media outlets of today’s generation, and look forward to see what the future may hold for marketers in such a volatile space.

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Click on the infographic below to view a larger image.

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