Coke Embarrasses Customers to Increase Brand Engagement

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Coke puts noisy moviegoers front and centre to buck up their ideas

In the age of passive advert watching, how do you ensure that customers engage with your content? Sometimes it’s easier said than done, especially in the cinema where many film goers ignore many of the advertisements until film trailers start rolling just before the film itself starts.

Well, it seems that Coca-Cola’s Denmark branch may have found one way to solve the problem.

In a cheeky form of native advertising, Coke helped encourage moviegoers to keep quiet by dropping their noisy antics right into a mock film trailer.

By filming audiences as they mill around in the lobby while they wait to enter the screen, eating popcorn and slurping on their drinks, Saatchi Denmark then live-mixed the footage into a trailer. Their obnoxiously loud chewing and slurping, alongside some rather bored looks, interrupted cheesy sex scenes in the theatre itself.

Coke played around with this idea in other pre-recorded and edited videos too. But it’s a great way to make a point of a) don’t interrupt the damn film by being noisy, and b) making you associate getting a Coke when you head to the cinema next.

You can take a look at how the campaign went down in the video above, or take a peek at the other trailers Coke and Saatchi Denmark put together.