the role of the phone in customer journey

The Role of the Phone in the Customer Journey

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the role of the phone in customer journey

Last October ResponseTap commissioned research with a view to understanding the role of the phone from the perspective of both the consumer and the marketer. Today ResponseTap has kindly shared its findings with Total Customer.

Setting out to understand the role of the phone in the customer journey today and into the future, this paper discusses how marketers are integrating phones into their channels, and the value it brings to their business. These findings demonstrate that the role of the phone is bigger, and more important than perhaps marketing perceives it to be; in that it sits beyond the typical scope of digital tracking.

Despite the perceived thoroughness of online customer journey tracking and last-action attribution models, the picture is incomplete. With many customers choosing to go offline and off the marketers’ grid to ascertain more information and/or to purchase. The marketers’ blind spots mean they are often oblivious to the need and ensuing benefit of being able to uniquely track the individual at every stage.

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Download the whitepaper to learn in detail about the following:

  • When talking matters
  • What happens post abandonment?
  • Missing revenue
  • Mistaken identity

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