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It’s a tough world out there for a brand to exist in. The era of brand love and loyalty has started to pass. More and more people dislike big corporations and aren’t fond of brands trying to become personal and cosy up to them. Many people are also listening to other consumers opinions and experiences of a brand or product, instead of paying attention to marketing messages delivered to them through promotions and adverts.

A positive Amazon review is the holy-grail of many products. A positive App Store or Google Play review can set your application apart from the crowd. The information age of the Internet lets consumers do their own research to find the products that suit them best, and it’s hard to convince them otherwise. And the worst part, most them them aren’t loyal to any brand in particular.

An infographic put together by Adweek seeks to illustrate this point rather effectively too.

For instance, did you know that 59 per cent of US brands experienced a decline in their branding scores in the past five years? How about a steady decline in consumer intent to pass on information about a brand, having sat at 66 per cent in 2010, 2013’s results saw only 47 per cent of respondents saying they’d bother to say anything.

It also looks like more people are changing brands for the sake of wanting change, with more people picking up generic names over brand labels when doing so.

Most worryingly of all, more people are leaving online reviews, reading good and bad reviews before purchasing, and won’t buy a product unless there’s reviews there to advise them. The consumer is effectively sidestepping the marketing efforts of many brands.

The B2B space will clearly be a different market altogether, but even then you can cast your mind to a product your business may be using and know that you probably wouldn’t be using it if it wasn’t for some positive feedback from someone somewhere down the line.

You can take a look at Adweek‘s inforgraphic below. Click on it to see a larger version.

What do you think the solution to this problem could be?

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