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Stock Video Provider Dissolve Creates the Best Ad Around

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Dissolve hits every cliché in the book

When you run a business that’s based entirely around creating content that can be slotted into almost any situation, usually situations that you have no idea what they’ll actually be used for when bought, it can be quite hard to effectively market that product.

However, Dissolve – a stock video producer – has realised that it has the perfect material to create almost any advert it wants. In fact, it could create the perfect generic advert. An advert that ticks literally every box that almost any company in the world would be able to relate to and see footage they could make the most of.

It wasn’t entirely their own idea though. The advert, shown above, was actually inspired by Kendra Eash’s “This Is a Generic Brand Video,” over on McSweeneys.net, but now set against Dissolve’s stock clips.

But why riff on someone else’s creation instead of build something yourself? Dissolve explains: “The minute we saw Kendra Eash’s brilliant ‘This Is a Generic Brand Video’ on McSweeney’s, we knew it was our moral imperative to make that generic brand video so. No surprise, we had all the footage.”

But why is this such a good advert?

It chimes in with how so many consumers see brand videos nowadays. It’s full of stock images, generic phrases, very little that means anything at all. It’s the most cliché ad around, and yet it’s utterly brilliant at the same time.

What’s your thought on this video? Effective? Or do you see it as a reason to really avoid using stock images in adverts?


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