Daft Punk’s ’70s Themed Ads Are Some of the Best Ads Around

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Daft Punk - Buckle Up featured

Daft Punk harks back to an era of cool with genius merchandise adverts

Remember those adverts of the Levis generation? Close-ups of tight jeans, Vaseline-slathered lenses, bold text and cheesy smiles. Well, Parisian dace band Daft Punk – best known for their space-age helmets and, more recently, successful singleĀ ‘Get Lucky’ – have gone back in time to promote a new range of merchandise.

While these adverts may not seem like they’re catchy enough to hook in the casual crowd, edgy enough to go for the jugular, nor will they be causing a renaissance of classic adverts, that’s not the point. Instead they hit the nail on the head for their target demographic. They stand out against the crowd of minimalist, neon-soaked dance music album covers and promotional material. It oozes the niche cool, that die-hard Daft Punk fans want to be known for, or how they see themselves.

This is a prime example of a marketer really hitting the nail on the head with advertising.

Sometimes just going for the niche audience that you know you own works far better than broad strokes. And, because it’s so refreshingly different – and achingly cool – people are talking about it. Heck, this is the sort of stuff that gets shared all over the internet. It’ also helps that they riff on the immensely popular ‘Get Lucky‘ lyrics and other songs from ‘Random Access Memories‘.

Expect them to crop up on Imgur soon enough.

You can take a look at the adverts for a belt buckle, poster, and four t-shirts below.

Daft Punk - Buckle Up Daft Punk - get lucky mens Daft Punk - Get Lucky tank top Daft Punk - get lucky womens Daft Punk - lose yourself to dance poster Daft Punk - split helmet


Source: Pitchfork.com

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