Pepsi Uses an Action-Packed Bus Shelter to Engage with Customers

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Pepsi shows patient bus goers the unbelievable power of Pepsi Max

Pepsi and Coke have been in a fight to convince consumers that their fizzy brown liquid tastes better than the other fizzy liquids on the market. It’s a battle that seems like it’s been going on since time began, and it’s one that requires an awful lot of innovation to keep fresh.

So, while Coca-cola opted to embarrass customers in a cinema, Pepsi saw it fit to modify a bus shelter in central London. But this wasn’t any old change, this one allowed for patient bus waiters to see through the interactive screen thanks to a camera installed on the inside of the glass facing outwards down the street. Then, Pepsi cleverly live-mixed in footage of a tiger running down the street, UFO’s descending from the heavens, and octopus tentacles grasping from drains.

While I can’t quite see how people found it shocking or surprising – seeing as that screen doesn’t look crystal clear and the events real. But it’s undeniable that this is one savvy marketing campaign by Pepsi, encouraging bus waiters to share photos with friends, interacting with the advert and the world beyond the glass.

The best part?

It’s not even overly about pushing Pepsi Max. There’s just a casual poster on the other side that advertises Pepsi Max, and the interactive advert helps mesh the “unbelievable” with the crazy brand image Pepsi are trying to forge.

This is how you do a bus billboard ad.