Infographic: 10 Reasons Why People Follow Brands on Twitter

In Customer Engagement, Featured on App, Social media by Vaughn Highfield

Getting your brand some traction on Twitter

Sometimes getting your brand followers on Twitter isn’t as easy as it seems. You’ll post photos, pose questions, and share content, but the follower count and the retweets just aren’t coming in like you’d expect. So, what are you doing wrong, what could you be doing better?

Well, thanks to this handy infographic from Nielsen’s UK Twitter Consumer Survey, we’ve got a better idea of what UK Twitter users want to get out of the social networking service..

It’s reassuring to hear that 44 per cent of UK Twitter users follow a brand because it allows them to learn about new products and services, and that 55 per cent follow them because they actually like the brand itself.

Fifty-one per cent want to stay abreast of what’s going on in news, and 27 per cent do it to give brand feedback. Feedback that’s probably not always pleasant, mind.

It also seems that people really want to follow brands on Twitter so they can take part in competitions, get freebies, and gain access to exclusive content. Therefore, it’s probably worth running competitions and giving away freebies. Although, I’m sure this really only applies to B2C. But I’m sure your B2B followers may like a good competition now and again.

You can read the infographic below, click on it to get a bigger version.


Source: The Drum