Infographic: Getting Your Message Out to Millennials

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Millennials can’t be targeted by traditional marketing methods

If you’ve been working in the world of marketing or teen loyalty for the last few years, you’ll already know that it’s nigh-on-impossible to break the millennial market. It seems embedded into millennial culture that ‘traditional’ media is just uninteresting and has a large whiff of corporate about it. It’s not just a task of trying to get them engaged on the platforms you traditionally use, it’s about making sure that millennials are seeing your content in the places they want to be looking.

Native advertising is definitely one area where this works perfectly, just look at these five examples of how well it can go when done well. But there’s more to it, millennials want to see content that’s shareable, can be used to spark up a discussion or form the basis for entertainment for the next few minutes or so.

It’s one of the reasons why YouTube has taken off so well, and the likes of Facebook and Twitter still dominate the social networking landscape. Pinterest is on the rise too, and Tumblr is crammed full of creativity too. Millennials want to see what their contemporaries can do with their skills and thoughts.

So, how do you market to such a tough crowd?

Well, it’s not easy. The below infographic from Crowdtap and Ipsos sheds light on what millennials actually seem to care about and how they engage within this highly-connected world.

Unsurprisingly, whenever they can pick user generated content over a professional opinion or advertisement, they will.

User generated content is 20 per cent more influential when it comes to purchases, and 35 per cent more memorable than any other form of ‘traditional’ media. That means, if you want sales, and you want customers to keep coming back, open up user reviews and testimonials on your products. Send out trial versions or promo kits to influential sources and let them voice their opinion of a product. It might be morally shady, especially in the guise of some YouTubers out there, but it’s an excellent way of helping create user generated content.

If you don’t take anything much away from this infographic, just make sure you pay attention to the fact that millennials spend over five hours per day interacting and sharing user generated content. That’s probably five hours more than the’ll ever spend with your ‘traditional’ approach.

Still, people seem to love Coke’s latest ad project.

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