neuromarketing insights

The Predictive Power of Neuromarketing

In Customer Engagement, Featured on App, Marketing and Sales, Technology by Caroline Hornby

neuromarketing insights

Science and marketing have joined forces to gain better insights into consumer decision-making in the field of neuromarketing.

As reported by The Telegraph, in 2008 the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig found that the brain unconsciously decides what we’re going to do before we become aware of this decision. How does this relate to marketing? Well, traditional marketing techniques sought to find out what the consumer consciously thought about a particular brand or product. But, since the brain makes these decisions before we are consciously aware of them, this methodology ignores a huge portion of the decision-making process in relation to consumer behaviour. Neuromarketing therefore aims to “show what consumers really feel, as opposed to what marketers think [they] feel”.

For example, in a study undertaken each year by Sands Research, 30 participants are shown Super Bowl commercials while connected to an EEG machine to monitor brain signals, and while wearing eye-tracking glasses to highlight what, specifically, they are focusing on in the ad. With millions of dollars spent each year on Super Bowl ads, the insights gained can vastly improve the ROI of these advertising campaigns. The Sands Research study found a “neuro-engagement score” which in turn can be used as a powerful predictor of performance. For more information on this check out Steve Sands’ Unconscious Branding: How Neuroscience Can Empower (and Inspire) Marketing. 

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