Guest Post: Customer Communications Management Brings Financial Institutions Closer to Target Markets

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Guest Post: Customer Communications Management Brings Financial Institutions Closer to Target Markets

Since 2000, Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions have gradually made it possible to redesign and personalize documents which are regularly sent to customers. Asian enterprises used to see such documents as a way to convey statements, share performance and/or product and services information to their customers, including whole paragraphs of unreadable and sometimes unintelligible fine print for regulatory compliance.

CCM has made it possible today to add highly targeted marketing and other messaging to these communications, shifting the focus of these documents from the requirements of the enterprise to accommodate the personal interests of each and every customer. This results in a clearer presentation of information and forges stronger ties with customers.

Additionally, CCM can deliver communications through multiple channels—by conventional mail, or electronically to any laptop or smart mobile device. CCM solutions offer the capability to create documents that are visually identical no matter what delivery channel is used. Migrating to digital channels also helps reduce your print and postage costs and can speed-up billing and payment cycles.

The latest innovation in the evolution of customer communications is dynamic communications, an alternative to static PDFs. Dynamic communications retain all of CCM’s features and functionality, but are interactive, allowing customers more control over what they want to receive. For example, they can view received documents on a mobile device, wherever they are, whenever it is convenient to them, even without an Internet connection. The documents contain dynamic data, so they can simply tap on a graphic to drill down to more details. Additionally, customers can even re-format that information, so they can view it in a way that makes the most sense to them.

The steady advancement of technology over the last decade has entirely changed the look, feel and even the function of all communications sent to customers. It is hard to predict what the next decade will bring. The only thing we know for sure is staying on pace with change has become part of every successful enterprise’s business plans for Asia.

This is a guest post by J R Wong, Vice President of Sales (ASEAN) at GMC Software Technology – a Silver Sponsor of Future Bank Asia 2014. GMC Software Technology is a provider of multichannel and highly personalized document outputs for customer communication management. For more information please visit